PA Capitol Complex

The Forum & Fiance buildings are two buildings on the historic Pennsylvania Capitol Complex campus in need of renovations and repairs after 80 years of use. In this phase, we were hired for $7.2 million in public restroom renovations in both buildings, including the Forum Auditorium.

The design concept is to pay homage to the historic restrooms, which have milk glass partitions and structurally pigmented glass wall panels, by giving them a much needed face lift but not being a slave to the past. Considering the historic nature of the buildings, there has been significant back and forth with the Capitol Preservation Committee on how to treat the finishes in these restrooms.

We came up with many alternate solutions including have custom pigmented glass wall panels installed along with new all-white toilet partitions, carrara marble vanities and edge cove lights. These design decisions bring a modern aesthetic to a historic building that help to highlight the past while looking forward to the future.

This project has recently been awarded and construction is set to begin April 1st with an anticipated year long, 3 phase schedule to completion.