Foot Locker Restrooms

Across two phases of interior renovations, we designed $1.2 million in improvements to Foot Locker Corporate offices in Camp Hill, PA. These renovations were necessary on two levels; to bring the office restrooms up to date with a modern aesthetic and to create a heavy duty destruction proof set of restrooms in the middle of the warehouse distribution center.

The office restrooms were designed with chamfered white subway tile walls, corian vanities, full length mirrors, perimeter edge lighting, brushed grey partitions and large plank ceramic tile floors. The neutral color palette with accent vanity colors gives the restrooms a clean and inviting modern feel,

The warehouse restrooms were designed to be rugged and indestructible. Graffiti proof glazed CMU walls, epoxy floors, stainless fixtures and bump textured partitions allowed these restrooms to not only perform, but still have a touch of design intelligence. The bright yellow color on the outside turned this pair of restrooms into an element within the larger context of the warehouse.

Although the restroom were intended for high abuse, we were informed that less graffiti and damage has occurred over the past year. We believe this was a sign of respect by the employees for the new amenities they were given through this architecture.