New Cumberland Residence

After purchasing a beautiful mid century ranch, the client wanted to renovate and expand the home while knitting the entire composition together. The project was seen as an opportunity to make a few surgical architectural interventions and combined them within the existing context.

The new master bedroom, front entry, back patio and outdoor fireplace are wrapped in a Garapa wood rain-screen siding at various scales to make one seamless transition from new to existing.

The form for the mater bedroom addition matches with the existing roof form, while creating a double height space on the interior and a new corner on the patio for grilling and entertaining. The bar in this area is a clean U shape corian bar that is internally lit with strip lights.

The back patio and fireplace are paved with large cast stone pavers with an adapted pattern to differentiate the areas and make space for up-lighting at ground level. Additionally, a raised sundeck area was created using the same wood as the rain-screen siding and fireplace wrapper.