Hershey Residence

 Set in downtown Hershey, PA, this project was for a homeowner who appreciated the local vernacular but wanted to add some contemporary elements to that palette. The original 1932 chocolate workers home was originally going to be the centerpiece for a new addition. But due to unforeseen push-back from a neighbor, the home was demolished leaving a clean slate.

The front portion of the new design was built to emulate the existing, while adjusting some of the proportions for a smooth transition to the rear of the property where a more modern addition was constructed.

The open floor plan on the interior is accented with multiple double height volumes at the entry and in the kitchen and dining space. In the entry, a custom open toe steel frame stair was designed as the modern accent in the space.

In the kitchen and dining area, a light shelf was built to reduce the scale of the large volume while hiding up-lighting that highlights the vaulted ceiling. The end of the room is anchored with a full height fireplace, clad in faceted stone tile, accented with up and down light.

The fireplace stone, mahogany floors and neutral material colors are carried throughout the design to nit the entire composition together. A corner window at the front and large windows along the side bring in sunlight to liven the space during the day, while at night the house glows as a beacon on the corner.