Hershey Fire Station

In the center of historic downtown Hershey, PA sits a beautiful 1920’s fire station in need of renovations and upgrades to meet the towns needs. As part of a feasibility study by the Hershey Volunteer Fire Department, we were asked to design a concept that would accommodate their growing needs via an addition to their existing facility.

To highlight the historic firehouse we designed a contemporary addition with a masonry base and a wrapping metal roof. The stark contrast between the new and old would help to acknowledge this historic building for what it is as well as denote that the expansion was of a different time.

The needs of the growing firehouse were drive-thru bays, larger meeting areas and additional fire fighter amenities. As part of the renovation to the existing portion, we proposed a museum piece that could display an original fire truck that the company owned. On top of that is a roof deck that would allow the company as well as locals to get an elevated view of the center of town.