21 23 Chocolatier

Seeing an empty storefront across from our office as we arrive everyday, we decided to have a charrette and come up with some design options to put in front of the building owner for possible development.

The existing slot building has along shotgun floor plan that we felt was suitable for a chocolatier. Option 1 creates a “box within the box”, setting the stage for product display to pop off the white background. A linear white ceiling element leads the patron in from the sidewalk, terminating in a lounge space in the back. Additionally, the top of the white wrap is lit for a glowing effect, reducing the scale of the space to a more compressed product interaction.

Option 2 is a rib structure set within the existing building frame. Along the double height space at the entry the ribs fold up to maximize the height and create a railing above. As you move back through the space, the ribs undulate creating a wave effect with product display space between the ribs. The concept was seen as a spatial as well as product organizer, with chocolates and wines that pair within the same rib structure, terminating in a cafe wine tasting bar type space.