The Linsly School

The Linsly School, located in Wheeling, WV, wanted to make an architectural statement for their bicentennial celebration. They need additional classroom, student commons and performance space, all to be incorporated in the proposed design.

Our design approach was to insert a building volume between two existing classroom buildings, creating a central student commons zone that traversed two levels to navigate the steep elevation change between front and back of the campus buildings.

The upper floor housed student support spaces, office and open seating configurations. Going down a grand staircase, the user is lead to a lower lobby, reading room and theater. Past the theater is a glass curtain wall framing stunning views of the valley below.

In addition to the central infill design piece, site reconfiguration, student drop off and a new classroom volume were proposed on the upper level of the campus. The classroom roof structure turned down to create shade for lectures while still allowing natural northern light to flood the space.

On the lower side of campus, a new gymnasium entry was proposed to replace the inconspicuous existing entrance. By creating an elevating entry canopy, guests could orient themselves with entry and procession into the building much more easily.