West King Street Corridor

An analysis of West King Street in York PA revealed an opportunity for a community building that could greatly serve the local youth and residents at large. This “Anchor Building” as we termed it would be the catalyst for development along this corridor, attracting local businesses and creating opportunities for charter school students to have internships or places to hang out after school.

This design was conceived as a mixed use development with public programs on the lower floors and terrace while housing a charter schools need for additional space in the transverse bar block on top of the building.

The ground floor and basement program included a gallery, restaurant, museum and two movie theaters. Above these activities on the terrace, outdoor public space was included that lead to the bar volume stacked along the west end.

This bar volume housed additional classroom space needed by a local charter school as well as offices for the building and for lease. The simple rotated rectangular form, wrapped in standing seam metal, infilled with multi-use space appealed to the jury who awarded this project a Central PA AIA Design Award.