Eastern Market Artwork Bench

As a result of a design competition organized by a Lancaster PA community development organization, we were picked to design a new artwork piece. The artwork is intended to anchor a new plaza that was to be constructed where a problematic intersection previously was.

Our Central PA AIA award winning design concept was based upon two premises; a place for the local community to gather and activate the plaza and a spot for weekend market vendors from the adjacent building to set up and sell their goods.

The form of the “artwork bench” was seen as a multi-level bench, with differing heights attracting different age residents to take part in its use. The tree coming up through the end of the bench is seen as the “anchor” in the center of the plaza.

The bench is made of an aluminum angle frame with illumination series corian adhered to it, opaque white during the day and glowing at night. The arms are lit with orange gel covered flourescent tubs to add a punch of color to the plaza in night.

As part of the Poetry Paths of Lancaster initiative, we were approached to add a poem to the artwork and make it a stop along the path. The poem is a Pablo Neruda piece about a chair, fitting for our bench artwork piece. Great care was given when laying out the rhythm of the structure in relation to words of the poem, ensuing that each interacted in a way that made sense as well as did not obscure the words.