Whitaker Center Vestibules

Whitaker Center for Science and The Arts is a Harrisburg children’s science center, theater and IMAX movie theater. After many successful exhibit installations, we were hired to create two new vestibule additions to deal with significant energy loss through the entry doors.

We designed a Market St entry vestibule as well as one along 3rd St. The market St vestibule was an exterior addition of two pairs of doors as well as an interior curtain wall with two more sets of doors. The vestibule was knitted into the existing building by matching materials and accenting the signage and graphics on the new construction.

The 3rd St vestibule addition was an interior addition that included two new pairs of doors and an interior “cap” to the vestibule made of frosted glass. The graphic and signage elements here were designed to match the Market St entry, tying both sides of the building together.

Through simple effective design insertions, suck as painting the background of the existing stem mounted signage black for higher contrast, this project was able to make a significant difference to patron arrival with a minimal project budget.