Materiality Research Center

The Micro-climactic Materiality Research Center was a third year project I worked on in conjunction with a fellow student. The basis of this studio was materials and detailing, resulting in a more resolved project than we had previously taken part in at school.

This project was about becoming a living building material library that not only offered literature about products, but allowed users to touch and feel materials that have been installed, weathered, damaged and worn. This tactile experience was meant to immerse visitors in a variety of materials that were represented in the forms of the design.

The lower slung volume was for heavier stone and steel materials, while the taller upward reaching volume was for glass, aluminum and lighter materials. The central courtyard offered an area of various light and shade conditions, wet and dry, cold and warm. This area is where the real interaction would take place. This tension between the materiality and environment was expressed in a paving pattern in the central space that was literally pulling apart.

In addition to the physical properties of the materials, the physiological properties were explored by placing certain elements in relation to specific site related constrains to express their properties of reflection, absorption, noise reduction and the like.